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about us.

Greetings, we are Eclective. 


We take many forms; a String Quartet, a Rock Band, a Portable Orchestra you can fit in the back of a Toyota Corolla. 


As our name implies; we all come from different backgrounds but are drawn together through the alchemical power of music. 


On a daily basis, we each live the (relatively) normal musician life, running from one gig to another in concert halls, recording studios, and theaters. We are immersed in different creative projects and collaborate with other artists throughout the year. Throughout our individual journeys, we have been fortunate to study in many different places, with renowned teachers and performed in major concert halls worldwide.


If you'd like to know more about our formal side, check out this PDF document full of useful information and all that fancy important stuff. 


Here’s a simpler story of the ensemble: 


At first glance, if you saw us without our instruments you might not pick us as a group. What started out as a unique group of friends hanging out with an above average interest in classical chamber music, has turned into a joy project that has expanded beyond our dreams.


We all met each other in our formative years from different parts of Australia, our lives and careers intertwining from when we were teenagers having late night jams at summer music camps, to embarking on musical adventures across the globe.


As time passed, we became professionals and found ourselves working side by side in orchestras, arts projects, and music festivals. In the fateful year of 2020 (let's not dwell on it), as musicians in Melbourne, we experienced an unimaginable loss where it was suddenly impossible to make music together. 


You might call it fate, or random events of destiny as our world slowly opened up once more, but we all found each other again with the very simple purpose of just making music together. We realized that during this transformative period as we began to play, perform and share the stage, that this was something special, imaginative and worth exploring.


Eclective has become our powerful voice and platform to share our vision of curiosity, venturing into uncharted territories, and making music accessible and inclusive in our performances. The most fulfilling aspect of being a musician is moving and connecting with our audiences through the power of music.


When we're not immersed in music, we can be found seeking the nearest coffee or pub in town, engaging in existential discussions about the universe, or providing group therapy.


Yes, playing music is our career, and yes, it requires hard work. But above all, we do it for sheer pleasure, just as we always have. Music is a way for us to spend time with friends, and we hope to continue this joyful journey for many years to come.

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